TransEnterix Wins FDA Clearance for Senhance Ultrasonic Instruments

TransEnterix, maker of minimally invasive robotic surgery systems, received FDA clearance for its Senhance Ultrasonic Instrument System. The instruments are used on the TransEnterix Senhance robitically assisted surgical system. The technology allows for haptic remote control of laparoscopic tools that let surgeons feel what they’re working with, as well as offers 3D visualization of the internal anatomy thanks to a pair of glasses and a matching 3D capable monitor.

The new ultrasonic devices are used to cut or close-off different tissues, with minimal thermal effects on other nearby tissues. “The addition of ultrasonic technology is a significant expansion of the Senhance system capability preferred by many surgeons during complex procedures,” in a statement said Dr. Steven D. McCarus, MD, FACOG, Chief of Gynecologic Surgery at Florida Hospital Celebration Health. “Combining advanced energy tools with the precision, control, haptics and ergonomics of the Senhance digital interface may allow many surgeons to confidently use this technology across the broadest range of pathology and patients.”


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